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Part, the fourth. In which I continue to apply, myself.

My list of job applications continues to grow. So far I have nine applications in for jobs in Perth, the Seychelles, Turkey, Brazil and Switzerland. My next one to fill out is in Samoa and this has a certain amount of appeal. I’ve never been there but I’m sure parts of it must look like this:

The reason I haven’t got any beach attached to the coconut palms is because there wasn’t any, just red dirt. Nowhere near as inspiring as sun-drenched white sand and pina coladas in hand, sun sinking slowly into the subtropical twilight as the moon rises over the atoll. Somewhere in the distance a lone bird cries and the smoke from the campfire wafts gently on the breeze. This job just sounds better and better, though I don’t think I noticed any of this in the job description form. Better stop now while I’m all inspired and fill out my application.


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Part, the third. In which I wish something would happen.

Still no replies to job applications.  My wife has also applied for work and if there are no positive replies within a month we may go wandering the world for six months while we wait for applications to be processed. How dreadful!

Air fares to Asia are really cheap now and we can live there cheaply too. Bugger it, maybe we should just go now. Part of me can’ t wait, but where to start?

Us in Palmyra, Syria

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Part, the second. In which nothing in particular happens. Actually I got a nice card and beer.

No replies from my job applications, not that I expected any yet. It could be worse, this could be be me…

… I found these bones sitting in  a hole in a hill near Aswan in Egypt. My guess is that the owner didn’t need them any more. They don’ t look much use to anyone else either.

The people I work with took me to lunch today and bought me some sample boxes of some really yummy German and Dutch beers. They also gave me a card with lots of nice things written in it. It made me feel a bit teary, people seemed to like me!

I have to put one more job application in by tomorrow; the job is in the Seychelles so it could be interesting and fun. Fingers crossed.

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Part, the first. In which unemployment looms.

My bumbling in blogging starts now

My current contract ends in six days and then I fall victim to the global financial crisis – nice one guys.

Contract workers in this government department are not being renewed. I knew I should have gone into banking and not agricultural science, or at least if I had gone into bioweapons science I could have had my revenge. I suppose I could throw a large sweet potato at a merchant banker somewhere. Does that qualify as bioterrorism?

Now I start the search for another job, actually I’ve already started but frankly I’m a bit sick of three year contracts. It’s all too depressing constantly wondering when the axe will fall and whether what you have been doing will continue and how you will pay the bills. At least this time I anticipated this was coming and am somewhat prepared.

I end with a picture of warthog besieged by yapping dogs. There was a happy ending – once the warthog bothered to respond they recognised their danger and left him alone.

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