Secui XVII… “Why did you choose to study science?”

Did you know that the numbers of students selecting school science subjects (and at universities) is falling in many developed countries? Did you study science or a science-related area after leaving school? And do you live on Earth and were born here? Would you like to let everyone know why you chose to study in this area? Would you like to interest more young people in studying science and provide governments worldwide with information on how to address declining science enrolments?

Well, don’t lie awake at night wondering how you can do this, because here is your big chance. No more than 15 minutes of your time and all on-line too! Just click below and then bask in the sun, feeling satisfied and slightly smug on achieving your wishes so easily.

Survey – Why did you choose to study science?

This is an international survey and part of research being conducted in Science Communication at the University of Western Australia.

The overall results will be statistically analysed and published, so you can see what the outcomes were. Just check at Science Communication later in 2011 for the PDF.

You can be a recent graduate, a retiree, a disillusioned and unemployed scientist – no one will be turned away.

No post is complete without a pretty picture, thanks for reading…


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