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Secui XVII… “Why did you choose to study science?”

Did you know that the numbers of students selecting school science subjects (and at universities) is falling in many developed countries? Did you study science or a science-related area after leaving school? And do you live on Earth and were born here? Would you like to let everyone know why you chose to study in this area? Would you like to interest more young people in studying science and provide governments worldwide with information on how to address declining science enrolments?

Well, don’t lie awake at night wondering how you can do this, because here is your big chance. No more than 15 minutes of your time and all on-line too! Just click below and then bask in the sun, feeling satisfied and slightly smug on achieving your wishes so easily.

Survey – Why did you choose to study science?

This is an international survey and part of research being conducted in Science Communication at the University of Western Australia.

The overall results will be statistically analysed and published, so you can see what the outcomes were. Just check at Science Communication later in 2011 for the PDF.

You can be a recent graduate, a retiree, a disillusioned and unemployed scientist – no one will be turned away.

No post is complete without a pretty picture, thanks for reading…


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Part, the eleventh. In which I get tired of part whatever and switch to Latin…secui XI

Well, one job application should give me an answer early next week. Will I get an interview? Will Batman escape? Tune in next week and find out.

Looks like the job I applied for in Switzerland won’t pan out as they want someone who already has a work permit, as they want them to start ASAP and they said that rules me out. The choices are narrowing but chin up etc.

I did lodge an application for the job in Samoa, just before the closing date. Now this I could live with, but I think I raved about that earlier, so I won’t bore you again.

Just in time to cheer me up P.Z. Myers used a photo I took of an armoured ground cricket in Botswana for his Mary’s Monday Metazoan (http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/03/marys_monday_metazoan_armored.php); who needs a job anyway! Fame at last! If this cricket wasn’t so fucking ugly I could kiss him/her/whatever.

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Part, the sixth. In which I am deeply wounded.

I got my first rejection today, sniff. Those bastards at Thomson-Reuters wouldn’t know if their arse was on fire – no, they would – they just couldn’t find the seat of the fire. HO HO. Now I feel much better. Here is the only remotely related photo I could find representing the arse of Thomson-Reuters (this is of course loaded with symbolism, if you have any idea what it is then drop me a line and let me know too)…

Arse on fire

Now I shall take my injured pride and go back to my applications, and Judge Judy of course.

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Part, the first. In which unemployment looms.

My bumbling in blogging starts now

My current contract ends in six days and then I fall victim to the global financial crisis – nice one guys.

Contract workers in this government department are not being renewed. I knew I should have gone into banking and not agricultural science, or at least if I had gone into bioweapons science I could have had my revenge. I suppose I could throw a large sweet potato at a merchant banker somewhere. Does that qualify as bioterrorism?

Now I start the search for another job, actually I’ve already started but frankly I’m a bit sick of three year contracts. It’s all too depressing constantly wondering when the axe will fall and whether what you have been doing will continue and how you will pay the bills. At least this time I anticipated this was coming and am somewhat prepared.

I end with a picture of warthog besieged by yapping dogs. There was a happy ending – once the warthog bothered to respond they recognised their danger and left him alone.

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