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Part, the fifth. In which the axe falls.

Today was my last day. It took me so much longer than I had expected to pack my office up – all my papers and precious items (Thai tuk-tuk made out of beer can, lucky Chinese waving cat etc).

At my wife’s suggestion, I wore the regulation uniform today: loudest Hawaiian shirt, long khaki shorts, hat, imitation floral lei and coconut with straw. There’s no point going on a long ‘holiday’ if you’re not dressed for it.

Now that I’m unemployed I don’t feel any different. Nah, I’m kidding I feel great! I am going to miss the people I worked with though.


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Part, the fourth. In which I continue to apply, myself.

My list of job applications continues to grow. So far I have nine applications in for jobs in Perth, the Seychelles, Turkey, Brazil and Switzerland. My next one to fill out is in Samoa and this has a certain amount of appeal. I’ve never been there but I’m sure parts of it must look like this:

The reason I haven’t got any beach attached to the coconut palms is because there wasn’t any, just red dirt. Nowhere near as inspiring as sun-drenched white sand and pina coladas in hand, sun sinking slowly into the subtropical twilight as the moon rises over the atoll. Somewhere in the distance a lone bird cries and the smoke from the campfire wafts gently on the breeze. This job just sounds better and better, though I don’t think I noticed any of this in the job description form. Better stop now while I’m all inspired and fill out my application.

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