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Part, the first. In which unemployment looms.

My bumbling in blogging starts now

My current contract ends in six days and then I fall victim to the global financial crisis – nice one guys.

Contract workers in this government department are not being renewed. I knew I should have gone into banking and not agricultural science, or at least if I had gone into bioweapons science I could have had my revenge. I suppose I could throw a large sweet potato at a merchant banker somewhere. Does that qualify as bioterrorism?

Now I start the search for another job, actually I’ve already started but frankly I’m a bit sick of three year contracts. It’s all too depressing constantly wondering when the axe will fall and whether what you have been doing will continue and how you will pay the bills. At least this time I anticipated this was coming and am somewhat prepared.

I end with a picture of warthog besieged by yapping dogs. There was a happy ending – once the warthog bothered to respond they recognised their danger and left him alone.


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