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Secui XV. Been busy, blogging ignored, felt guilty, started typing.

Well a lot has sort of happened (or perhaps not much has definitely happened) since I last had a whinge. Several weeks ago my former employer (or he who acts on a large government department’s behalf) rang me up to see if I was interested in some short-term work doing what I did for them before. And guess what? No one there has any time to do this particular job and now they don’t have anyone dedicated to the job. I was tempted to say I would do it for double my old pay but I guess I’m not that mean.

I have been working half-time for a university on a project very dear to my heart – why did people choose to study science and secondarily why did they stay in or leave? The hard part is remaining objective when you have your own axe to grind. However, very shortly the on-line survey will be ready to go. It is aimed internationally and will be publicised far and wide – so if you have studied in science or science-related areas watch this space. My dedicated readers (i.e. my sister and one academic) take note!

Another very interesting thing came to my notice today – a poll of 1200 people in Australia concerning science. This is not my work, it comes from a report just released by the Australian National University (http://news.anu.edu.au/?p=5931). If this is your thing then happy reading to you. See below (click on figure for enlarged version)…

Poor old priests didn’t fare that well against us jubilant overpaid and underworked scientists on the ‘Nothing at all’ category. Oh well, if you believe and peddle bullshit, then what do you expect? Lawyers didn’t do too well either. Smirk.

I like to finish on sunsets, they’re so poetic and inspiring. If you don’t agree then you obviously know nothing!


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Part, the eighth. In which I sleep in on a Monday morning.

Aaah, Monday morning and I don’t even have to get out of bed… if I feel so inclined. I think I will though, it just doesn’t feel right snoozing while most good people are slaving away. So all of you who are filled with envy can allow your blood to go off the boil.

I might just start to write up some old data now that I have time. Who said unemployment sucked?

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Part, the seventh. In which all is quiet on the Western Front. Hang on, that all ended badly didn’t it?

Nothing to report. No rejections – no acceptances.

I think I know how this works: I am in employment Purgatory, whence (after appropriate levels of pain and torture, designed to purify my imperfect employee soul) I will eventually be allowed to ascend to the light and perfect peace of Paradise. There I shall fan the face of Ergos – the god of full employment – eat dates and sing his praises for all eternity. Bliss. It’s bringing tears to my eyes.

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Part, the second. In which nothing in particular happens. Actually I got a nice card and beer.

No replies from my job applications, not that I expected any yet. It could be worse, this could be be me…

… I found these bones sitting in  a hole in a hill near Aswan in Egypt. My guess is that the owner didn’t need them any more. They don’ t look much use to anyone else either.

The people I work with took me to lunch today and bought me some sample boxes of some really yummy German and Dutch beers. They also gave me a card with lots of nice things written in it. It made me feel a bit teary, people seemed to like me!

I have to put one more job application in by tomorrow; the job is in the Seychelles so it could be interesting and fun. Fingers crossed.

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