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Secui XIII. The economy is on the way up, or was it down? They’re so much alike you know

Well, been busy but not much to show for it. Several job applications have gone suspiciously quiet for over a month – some of them have the cheek to say that if you don’t hear anything for a certain period then consider yourself  ‘unsuccessful’, a euphemism for unappreciated and unloved. In these days of email, how hard is it to compose a list of emails and send a bulk one (with bcc’d addresses of course) out to all the weepers and gnashers of teeth? For Christ’s sake give me a contract to do it and I’ll do if for you, you lazy bastards!

I got a definite knockback for a lower level job from my old employer. I could do the job, as it is directly related to my old job, but they had 180 applicants and interviewed 8 who had done the exact job before (all this for one definite job and maybe two more later). We keep hearing the economy is mending but that doesn’t sound too promising to me – perhaps it’s mending from a heart transplant, so it’s technically alive but still a trifle seedy. God help us if China really does have a double-dip recession.

I have made an observation about economics; I don’t know more than the very basics but a lot of people either in charge or making pronouncements in public either know even less than me or are lying more outrageously than I ever thought possible. When the economy was booming along, it was all “this is the best it’s ever been and there is no end in sight, property prices are booming and blah blah roses, wealth, early retirement”. Then suddenly it went to shit and we find that all the King’s horses and all the King’s men had no bloody idea what was going on and Humpty Dumpty fell off and broke while they were all scratching their arses and congratulating themselves on their wisdom. Even I had thought this can’t last for ever, and I don’t see any offers for me as Treasurer.

Things are such that I’ve even applied for a job in Afghanistan, it’s only for 2 months so what could go wrong? So if the blog goes permanently quiet, look for me on TV for my 15 minutes of fame.

On a more positive note, my wife has finally applied for a job pool she has been waiting to reopen for the last 18 months. When the global financial crisis hit they stopped running this pool every six months (as they had previously been doing) and just shut up shop. Now fingers crossed again.


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Secui XII. Agricultural research in crisis! Sky falling! Waters rising!

Look, look, an official crisis in agricultural research in Australia, who would’ve thought? (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/03/31/2860908.htm)

It’s simple really; try letting people stay in a job securely for longer than three years! Doesn’t require much education to answer that problem. Eventually people wake up and see that their job prospects are insecure and leave.

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Part, the ninth. Yet more rejection.

Sigh… “After careful consideration of all applications, we regret to advise you that we will not be progressing your application on this occasion.” Does this imply they would progress this on another occasion? In what possible circumstances would there be another occasion? Considering that this was a response from a university they obviously didn’t consult with the Physics Department over the apparent unidirectionality of time.

Anyway, this job was in the next suburb from our house, hardly an exotic destination. So, what can I say? I didn’t want the job anyway. You could ask why I applied then…hmm…can’t think of a logically consistent answer to that, so I exercise my right not to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Maybe I have a future in politics, I just need to master talking crap so that it sounds meaningful. Now I’ve hit on the problem – sincerity, excess thereof.

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